Recently, Professional Eco Cleaning and the Unidas campaign have both been getting a bit of exposure. Most recently, Anahi has spoken to Telemundo about how she has been coping as an entrepreneur and owner of a small business in the SF Bay Area. Anahi, like most of us has been affected by the pandemic personally and professionally in terms of finances, anxieties and more. She goes on to explain how she has personally been able to keep her business afloat and survive the pandemic. Along with Anahi, we hear from Teresa Razo, owner of restaurants Cambalache Grill Argentine & Italian Cuisine and Villa Roma. You can watch the recorded live stream here.

The Unidas campaign was also featured in the California Herald. You can find the full article by Lisa Baker, on their website. The article explains the reasoning that inspired the Unidas campaign, the impact that the cofounders hope to have on their community and the values of each company, although separate, most are shared. You can read the full article here.