More Places Need Clean Spaces by Karl Kennedy

We’re using our homes more than ever. Home is now a place for both work and play, and with more use
comes more upkeep. Professional Eco Cleaning is ready to rise to the challenge! Here are some tips to help
you keep things in order between full cleanings.


With many folks cooking more meals at home, some extra attention is needed in the kitchen. Oven
interiors deserve more than the once-a-year purge, especially after a winter of hearty casseroles and
savory roasts. A thorough oven cleaning keeps your heating element working at top efficiency and takes
care of spills before they burn onto surfaces and racks. Keep fridges bacteria-free with more frequent
cleaning of walls, shelves and drawers. With lights and appliances seeing increased use, switches, knobs
and lamp globes may need an extra wipe or two with a grease-cutting cleanser.

Multi-purpose Rooms

Rooms are called upon to do double duty these days. As we spend more time being entertained at
home, TVs, laptops and tablets are working almost 24/7. Electronics naturally attract dust, and the more
time they spend powered on, the more dust they attract. Keep monitor screens dust and fingerprint-
free with a daily wipe using a microfiber or anti-static cloth. Treat keypads to a shot of compressed air to
flush out the buildup between keys. Home theater screens need special care, but don’t need any special
cleansers or sprays. All you need is water, but be sure to wipe projector screens dry after cleaning, and
never let them air-dry.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Sanitization has taken on new importance in our lives, and the places where we wash, bathe and sleep
should be extra-sanitary. Keep doorknobs, taps and handles safe and shining with antibacterial wipes.
Hand soaps and lotions are available in antibacterial formulas that are rich and fragrant, and hand
sanitizing gels also come in effective, alcohol-free formulas. Using daily shower cleaner products on
tubs, tiles and shower doors prevent soap scum buildup that can trap bacteria between thorough

Trash Patrol

With more people at home more often, trash and waste may pile up faster than expected. Our standard
service ensures that trash containers are emptied, the liners replaced and exteriors wiped down. When
replacing liners between services, give the inside of the container a rinse or spritz of a spray cleaner to
reduce odor and bacteria buildup. To reduce plastic waste, consider buying paper or bio-degradable
trash bags. Keep kitchen waste containers cleaner by diverting food waste to a separate container or
composter. Finished compost provides great nutrients for your lawn and garden.

Hidden Attraction

With so much activity going on, home is a busy place. It’s easy to forget the myriad nooks and crannies
where dust loves to hide. Our service takes care of those oft-forgotten spots, but in between visits, take
a good look at places like baseboards, door, window and picture frames, and the top edges of doors.

Surprise! For these neglected, hard-to-reach places, anti-static cloths and dusters can be your secret
weapon. Don’t forget ceiling fans, as a dusty fan can re-distribute dust when you turn it on.
In humid spaces like the bathroom, the moist air tends to make the dust stick to surfaces a little more
stubbornly. In these areas, a scrubbing sponge does a great job. Choose one with a non-fibrous scrubber
side that won’t trap dust and hair in the fibers.


Article by Karl Kennedy