About Us

We are an ecological cleaning business with cooperative values founded in 2017. 
We pride ourselves on being able to offer a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cleaning while delivering a terrific result.

You help us take care of our team members, and together we take care of you, this is cooperation!


We keep your home or office clean, healthy, by providing quality ecological products and services. We strive to protect our environment and provide a safe working environment for our employees.   


Our goal is to be nationally recognized as the progressive service industry that does not use harmful chemicals and does not exploit women. It supports the self-development and professional advancement of our employees, we empower them to make positive changes for themselves, their families and our communities.


• Trained personnel in eco-friendly cleaning practices
•Professional customer service
• Environmental responsibility
• Belief in the resilience & dreams of immigrant women

Meet our founder, Anahi

Our founder has over ten years experience in home and office cleaning. As an immigrant herself, Anahi Rojas understands the hardships and struggles that our employees face. Cutting her dream of becoming an attorney in Mexico short, she moved to the United States in 2007 seeking new opportunities for herself and for her family. After working as a waitress and other jobs with little or no future, she turned to working in house cleaning cooperatives where they offered her learning opportunities such as business management and conflict resolution. Inspired by these experiences, in 2017 Anahi opened her own business with cooperative values, Professional Eco Cleaning. She continues learning entrepreneurial skills from organizations such as Centro Community Partners, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, Small Business Majority, and Start Small Think Big. She also inspires future Latina immigrant entrepreneurs by offering business development workshops in Spanish and by supporting Prospera’s work toward Latina economic empowerment.

   Prospera is a non-profit 501 c (3) in Oakland, CA that partners with low-income Latina immigrants to build co-ops — collectively owned, local businesses. 

 Different Kind of Cleaning Company.  Home Green Home is a worker-owned natural cleaning cooperative. If you are looking for services in the San Francisco area this is the best option.