Service Policies

These policies are general and should be followed unless any extra policies are specified during special circumstances.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We do our best to meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re not satisfied with the job we did, please notify us within 24 hours of service completion, and we’ll return and complete the job to your satisfaction.

Supplies & Equipment: We provide all of the supplies and equipment needed to do the job. If you have something special that you would like us to use, please notify our office so that we may train our staff properly. (No toxic products will be used.)

Good Communication: The best way to assure that you receive excellent service is to let us know how you’d like us to improve or what you’d like done differently. Feel free to email us anytime, and we’ll make sure that your concerns and requests are taken care of. While email is our preferred form of communication, please feel free to call us if that is more convenient.

Office Hours: Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Payment: We accept checks, cash or Venmo as a form of payment and we also offer the option of payments with Credit/Debit Cards and bank transfers. It must be paid in full immediately after completing each service.
We require you to provide us with a Credit Card/ Debit Card to keep on file at the time of booking.
If you wish to pay with another method we will not charge your card. If we do not receive payment within 24 hours of you having received an invoice we will charge the full amount on the card provided.
❖ Our office will be sending an invoice the day after your service and we will give an additional 24 hour period to settle the invoice before we charge the card that we have in our records.
❖ When processing your payment, a payment receipt will be sent to the email address that we have in our records.
❖ A 10% per month late fee will be assessed for late payments.
❖ Please make checks out to: "Professional Eco Cleaning"
❖ Cash and check payments can be received by our team members or simply left on the dining room table.
❖ If you pay through Venmo, please send us a friend request, looking for us as
Professional Eco Cleaning LLC (or "@professionalecocleaning"). Please check with our
office to make sure you have found our profile.

Additional services: If you would like to add services to your regular cleaning service (for example, cleaning inside the oven and/or refrigerator, changing linens, or deep cleaning) please contact our office. Additional fees may apply, depending on the service you need. Contact our office to reserve additional time within 48 hours so that we can prepare.

Clutter: In order to provide you with the best cleaning results, please consolidate any clutter (clothes, shoes, toys, paperwork etc.) so that we can effectively clean all surfaces.

Cancellations and Rescheduling: We ask you to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours in advance. When a client cancels at the
last minute, we still have to compensate our members. When we schedule your cleaning, we reserve that time for you and for you alone. We charge a $35 fee for late cancellations within 48 hours of your scheduled service and $50 for cancellation on the same day of service before the team arrives at your home.

Rescheduling Recurring Services: When you schedule recurring regular cleaning services after an initial deep clean, your home is kept at a certain level of cleanliness. A week or two between services will not make a significant difference. When you reschedule more than 2 weeks after your last service, the team needs to take more time than usual in order to get your home back to that level of cleanliness that you’re used to. Therefore, we will charge an extra $15 for 2 weeks between services and $30 extra for 3-4 weeks between services.

Lock - out: When our cleaning service team arrives to a scheduled cleaning service but cannot enter your home or office, we charge a fee of $80. If that occurs, we will try to contact you. The team will leave after waiting for 20 minutes if we do not receive a response from you. The office will contact you for rescheduling.

Safeguarding the keys to your home or office: You have the option of providing keys to our team members. We do not attach identifying information to your keys as part of our commitment to keep them safe. In the unlikely event that we lose your keys, we will contact you immediately.

Estimated time of arrival: We will give you an estimated arrival time window. We will try to accommodate requests for "no sooner" or "no later" at specific times. You do not have to be at home to receive services, so long as you provide for entry. We will call to inform you if the team is more than half an hour off schedule. Our schedule may be off due to traffic conditions, previous client appointments taking more or less time than scheduled, among other reasons.

Safety Precautions: Please do not ask our cleaning service team to:

* Lift or move heavy items. * Clean up human or pet waste, blood or bodily fluids.

Pets: If your pet is aggressive or uncomfortable with strangers, please restrain her/him before our team arrives. Otherwise we may not be able to provide service, and you may be charged a late cancellation fee.

Tipping: Tipping your team is optional and always welcome. Tips may be given directly to your team or added to your payment. For regularly scheduled clients, tips for vacation cancellations and for the end of the year are customary.

Rupture or damage: We train our staff to take extra care with your belongings, however occasional accidents happen. Our members are instructed to report breakages or damages immediately to the office and to you if you are present. If you believe something has been damaged or broken by us, please report it to us within 24 hours of your service. We are not responsible for any damage not reported within 24 hours.

Valuable objects: You are responsible for letting us know if there are valuable or irreplaceable items so that we can instruct our members not to touch them. We cannot take responsibility for cleaning these items or for damaging them if they have not been indicated to us. We cannot take responsibility for damage to items that were broken because they were not properly attached or secured (for example, a hanging picture that was improperly attached to the wall), or items that had prior damage.

Suspicious Theft: We carefully vet our staff when hiring. Theft committed by domestic workers is rare, and items that are believed to be stolen are usually found in the home. Most people are honest, however we cannot guarantee that theft will never happen, and we want to assure you that we will fully cooperate in the event that you suspect one of our members have taken something from your home. If you suspect a theft has occurred… 1. Contact us immediately so we can talk to our team. They may have seen the object, or the conversation may give us additional useful information. 2. Look carefully in your home. We will compensate for stolen items if the responsible person is found and convicted.

Soliciting Our Team Members: Our clients may not solicit our team members to be contracted by you or your affiliations for cleaning services of any kind. If you would like to hire/contract one of our team members to work independently for you or your affiliates, you may do so by informing our office and paying the $3,000 referral fee.

Holidays: We don’t provide services on the following holidays. If you have a cleaning appointments scheduled on these days, please contact us to reschedule.

--New Years Day (1/1) --Memorial Day --Independence Day (7/4) --Labor Day --Thanksgiving Day --Christmas Day (12/25)

TERMINATION POLICY: Should you need to terminate your cleaning service, please give us two weeks notice by calling the office.

  • Firearms
  • For our protection and yours, if you have firearms, we ask that all they be stored and locked away prior to our cleaning your home. We will not clean any rooms in which a firearm is visibly present. Please do not leave firearms under pillows or mattresses as they pose a danger when we are changing linens on beds.

    **These policies are irregular since we have to adapt to the time of COVID-19. The changes that have been highlighted on this page are an addition to the general policies that you already know. This policy begins on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. We will let you know with advance notice of at least 3 days when the policies change again.

    General Policies for Employees

    ● While Alameda County follows the "shelter in place" order, work is optional. Employees have the right to continue in “furlough”, that is, they will keep their job after “shelter in place” ends if there is enough work. Those who do commit to work during "shelter in place", the normal expectations of punctuality, quality, etc. continue.

    ● Safety: It is company policy and a requirement to ask employees to remove their clothes immediately after a day of work when they get home, and if possible to take a bath, this to avoid any possibility of contracting the virus.

    ● Employees must avoid touching their faces at all times while at work.

    ● If an employee or someone in the household of the employee has COVID-19 related symptoms they will notify the office immediately and will be asked to stay home without any negative consequences.

    Policies for Cleaning Team

    ● Employees will check their temperature with provided thermometers at the beginning of each workday to ensure that they are not working while at risk of being ill.

    ● Gloves: Employees must wear gloves at all times, from while at work, this means in the car, office, client houses and transfers. Change gloves when: they get to each house, if they break or tear, every time they think necessary during cleaning for safety reasons, between trips.

    ● Masks: It is mandatory to wear masks at all times during work, including in the car, office, client houses and transfers. This is why they will be allowed to wear their own face masks in an emergency.

    ● Employees must always open the windows while cleaning and close when they leave the houses.

    ● If a client is not following social distancing protocols or someone is ill in the home, the employee must leave the home, and notify the office immediately.

    ● Employees will clean high-touch areas such as door handles/knobs, toilet handles, sink handles, countertops, door frames, and light switches, with soap and water while scrubbing for at least 60 seconds.

    Policies For Customers

    ● Social Distancing: We ask that customers maintain a distance of at least 6 ft in between themselves and the cleaning team. Clients can also stay in one room while the team services the rest of the home.

    ● Transparency: We ask clients to let us know if someone in the home is sick or is suffering from any shortness of breath or flu-like symptoms as we will do the same. If any employee is suffering from shortness of breath or flu-like symptoms, this employee will be asked to stay home and will not be servicing the home.


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